Addictions Recovery Center (A.R.C)      

Residential Program Currently Unavailable

Harvest House PEI is home to the Island's first residential long term Addictions Recovery Center (A.R.C). The ARC opened it's doors in December 2013 for men ages 18 and up, who have been struggling with addictions and unhealthy lifestyles and are decidedly ready to be free and move forward in live in a positive and healthy way.  There is a commitment to enroll and allow yourself to delve into your issues over a minimum 10 month period with competent and experienced individuals to come along side and assist you as you resolve what needs to be addressed in your own situation.  The program is holistic including every aspect of our life with growth components involving spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and life skills.

Application Forms

Application forms can be downloaded by clicking this link. They can also be provided by email, or picked up in person by appointment at one of our locations. Please be in touch with confidentiality being a priority for us, and if you would like more information, or feel you may be ready to make some serious life changing choices in your journey.