Intentionally sharing the heart of the Father, and cultivating a street level link with the community of faith on Prince Edward Island. 


Solomon's Porch Outreach Center, Charlottetown

Welcome to Our Porch!  Solomon's Porch is the Charlottetown arm of Harvest House Ministries on Prince Edward Island and our main Outreach Center. Currently we operate day programs for people who are struggling with life issues or addictions and desire to find freedom.  We take the name of Solomon's Porch from the book of Acts, where people from all over the world gathered to experience the presence and power of God to change their lives forever.  Anyone is welcome to join us at anytime we are open to come by and experience what God is able to do.

Jars of Clay Restaurant, Summerside, PEI

Jars of Clay Cafe was the Summerside arm of Harvest House Ministries on Prince Edward Island.  For 10 years we offered an upscale, inviting and warm atmosphere for folks to gather for an affordable coffee, or lunch with friends, coworkers, family, or just come in for some solitude and quiet!  The proceeds from this Cafe were intended to sustain PEI's first and only long term residential recovery program for those who are struggling with unhealthy lifestyles and addictions.

Jars of Clay was permanently closed on March 9th, 2018.  We are grateful to our many loyal guests, our devoted volunteers and staff.

A.R.C - Addictions Recover Center

The Residential Program is currently unavailable, but we hope to be offering again in the near future.  Please inquire if you are in need and we will try to see if we can help you find help in the meantime.  Our Day Programs continue to be available to those who are interested.

Harvest House PEI is home to the Island's first residential long term Addictions Recovery Center (A.R.C). The ARC opened it's doors in December 2013 for men ages 18 and up, who have been struggling with addictions and unhealthy lifestyles and are decidedly ready to be free and move forward in live in a positive and healthy way.  There is a commitment to enroll and allow yourself to delve into your issues over a minimum 10 month period with competent and experienced individuals to come along side and assist you as you resolve what needs to be addressed in your own situation.